A groundbreaking, episodic series following male and female ex-offenders on their redemptive quests to pursue entrepreneurship, be productive citizens and prove that failure isn’t final.

New Episodes Released Every Two Weeks

The Hustler Files
January 9, 2018

Knowledge Is Power; A Bonus Track

Knowledge gives us choices. When we understand all sides of a story we tend to be more compassionate and understanding and less judgmental. In this bonus track, it’s what you didn’t know about North Carolina’s programs and opportunities to help offenders reform.

The Hustler Files
December 19, 2017

Her Road of Trials, Episode 102

The unpredictable journey of our second hustler, LaKia or Kia, for short, continues in North Carolina.

The Hustler Files
December 12, 2017

Crossing The Line, Episode 101

Travel with us to North Carolina and meet our Hustler, Keron McHugh!

The Hustler Files
November 16, 2017

Meet The Hustler Files

Follow the journeys of ex-offenders Keron and Kia. From their troubled pasts to their entrepreneurial aspirations and plans, they are taking control of their lives, and as they hustle to create a new future you’ll be inspired by their grit, passion, and perseverance to succeed.