The Pen Pal; Episode 104

By September 19, 2017Along For The Ride

Welcome to an ALONG FOR THE RIDE, XTRAsode.

In this episode it’s just a ONE on ONE conversation when ride share driver Rubie picks up passenger Acei and learns more about Acei’s lifestyle outside her other jobs. It takes a very special person like Acei to open a dialogue about who she really is and share her passion for something she believes deeply about.

The world around us is changing rapidly and for all our progress there are still many who are prejudice about things they don’t understand.  This is an eye opening conversation that is very relevant and very much needed today. 


Acei Martin is an exquisite young actress and stunt woman who only started acting a few years ago when an injury sidelined her from ever dancing professionally again.  Acei is a tireless worker and has been given roles in over 30 movies during her short time in the film industry.  Acei was given the character and filled the role to a T! Between the rain drops and takes, Acei was able to project this most important role of a transgender and play it with compassion and realism.  DP, Denine Wilson was brilliant as she managed camera and recording gear in the back of a car on very bumpy roads.

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