I Boyfriend, Take Thee Woman; Episode 101

By September 18, 2017Along For The Ride

Meet Jenny and Christopher.

They are new to this east coast city.  They seem like the perfect married couple but it’s not until Rubie inadvertently asks about their relationship that their emotions take over! They both appear to be harboring some deep seeded issues about their relationship and future together which creates some in car fireworks!



I Boyfriend, Take Thee Woman was the first video, then podcast, created.  It holds a special place with creator Lisa Reilly, not just because the actors were extraordinary but this couple’s relationship is unfortunately more common than naught.  Jemma Byrne, a A REEL Entrepreneur Studios first employee in 2013 managed both video and audio from a very narrow front seat along very bumpy, rainy roads.   The brilliance of Jenny Tyrrell and Topher Hansson in their roles had everyone in stitches.  Not so easy to stay serious when your film/podcast team is laughing.   As with many of the Along for the Ride episodes, improvisation is encouraged and this episode is no exception!  We hope you enjoy!


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