Forget or Get Fired; Episode 103

By September 19, 2017Along For The Ride

A work party turns nightmarish for Jen, a marketing executive, when the CFO of her company has too much scotch and confronts her with an ultimatum. Co-workers and friends Jenny and Stephanie do their best to offer support but Jen must face a tough decision.

Amid Jen, Jenny and Stephanie’s dialogue Rubie interjects anecdotes and reflections but what would YOU say if you were Rubie?

Show Notes

This podcast was filmed as a video episode first and later changed to a podcast.  As with all Along for the Rides, creator Lisa Reilly uses live actors to recreate the protagonist/antagonist characters.  Squeezed into the back seat of a Toyota Corolla are actors Jennifer Tyrrell, Jennifer Fillingame and Stephanie V.  Evan DeBiase our DP/Sound guy sat backwards in the front seat filming and collecting audio as we drove for over an hour on the narrow streets of Cambridge MA.

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