Entrepreneur Studios

We are storytellers. We are podcasters. We are filmmakers. We are creative innovators.  We believe in what we create.


We respect your time and want to offer you stories that will inspire, entertain, impact or educate, in as short of form as possible. A lot of creative time and energy goes into our digital content and we thank you in advance for your patronage.


When we started in 2010 our Founder had NO idea how to film or edit but with a passion for storytelling (her story idea lists are legendary) and a background in radio and business, she hired some very talented creatives and asked them to teach her what they knew. (having Youtube helped too).

Lisa Reilly

Creator/Executive Producer

Lisa Reilly's reinvention started in 2010 when she decided to create short form, true to life content for the web. A media maven from 15 years in radio, Lisa merged her business skills with her creative passions (writing, directing, producing) and learned an entire new industry with the help of some very talented millennials. The storytelling of true life is her passion, podcasting and streaming television is her delivery of choice and connecting her audiences to those stories is her goal. Ps. Lisa believes that it's 'never too late to be who you might have been'. (thanks George Eliot) Learn more about Lisa here: About.me/reillylisa

Denine Wilson

DP/Audio Guru

Denine is a Boston native, self taught photographer and videographer. She wants to make a difference in this world with content development as her weapon of choice. While she is an artist of many trades media creation has been the most important to her thus far.

Alex Gruft

Attorney / Agent

Alexander Gruft is a transactional attorney specializing in business negotiations and legal matters for a wide variety of prominent individuals and companies. His primary practice involves maritime transactions involving recreational vessels, including purchase and sales of yachts, yacht insurance, property and sales and use taxes assessed on yachts, and yacht financing. Mr. Gruft has also developed a strong practice area in entertainment law including intellectual property and contract negotiations. Mr. Gruft’s work, drive, knowledge, and friendliness are that of the highest quality attorneys in the business.

Andrew Rosenblum


Andrew Rosenblum is a freelance video editor who lives in the Boston area. He graduated from Emerson College in 2010 with a degree in Visual and Media Arts. Andrew found his passion for editing video back in 2002 when he planned to make a montage video for his brother’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony. In his spare time, Andrew likes to play video games, scour the web for the latest technology news, and of course edit his own videos.